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USWIPE offers one of the best online payment platforms to help you run your internet business.


A complete set of APIs to accept online payments.


Manage every aspect of your recurring billing.


A complete set of APIs to accept online payments.


A complete set of APIs to accept online payments.

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Try the USwipe API in seconds. Create your first customer, charge, and more by following the steps below.

As a first step, credit card information is sent directly to USwipe, ensuring sensitive data never hits your servers. The code below creates a token with USwipe.js for the test card 4200 0000 0000 0000

Usage: Click "Submit" to create a token with USwipe.js

Getting Started

Accept Payments

USwipe enables you to accept payments in minutes. Collect your customers' payment information easily and securely on web or mobile, and create charges server-side. USwipe supports 100+ currencies out of the box.

Manage recurring payments

USwipe makes recurring and subscription-based billing easy. Explore the quick start guides to get going quickly and subscribe your first customer to a recurring subscription.

Not a developer?

A custom USwipe integration requires you to either be or hire a developer. But you can use USwipe through any number of third-party plugins, or via the Dashboard Virtual Terminal.